Newton and Noss Parish Council
in the South Hams of Devon
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The purpose of the Survey has been to establish whether a significant number of people living or working in the Parish have been unable to obtain suitable accommodation due to high housing costs, size, location, layout, state of repair or security of tenure.  A total of 437 forms were returned - a good response rate of 43.4%.  The return was sufficient to regard the results as reliable and a basis for action. The Survey achieved its aim - to identify actual households in need.  Of the 58 Part II forms returned, 32 identified a housing need.Thank you to those who completed the Survey.

Please click here to view the Results Summary.

Newton & Noss Housing Survey 2016

The purpose of the survey was to update the Housing Needs Survey undertaken in 2008 and as part of the Neighbourhood Plan process. The survey was conducted by Devon Communities Together with a response rate of 40%. Please check here to view the 2016 Results Summary.

Please click here to view the Results Summary.

Community Housing Working Group

Early in 2006, the Parish Council set up a local “Community Housing Working Group” (CHWG) to advise on how best to achieve some much needed “Affordable Housing”. This is required by not only those already living and working here, but also young people who cannot afford to live in Newton & Noss but are needed to rebalance and regenerate our ageing community.

The CHWG has investigated the options available for providing some new houses and reported regularly to the Parish Council. Below you will find all the information produced together with the Committee’s Final Report, a document which may be helpful to other rural communities with similar housing difficulties.

Now the work has been finalised, the Group has been wound up but the Parish Council wishes to acknowledge with thanks the Committee’s very considerable amount of time and personal commitment over the past few months, very ably chaired by Robin Hogg. Also the support given by the Planning Officials from South Hams District Council and the Community Council of Devon has been most helpful.


This year the Community Council of Devon introduced a prize for the “Most Effective Housing Group” in the County. In nominating the CHWG as the winners, the judging panel was unanimous in voting the CHWG for Newton & Noss as the outright winners in the category. Some of the comments made by the judges were:-

"Very professional, comprehensive."

"Looked beyond the specific project to produce a template for others."

"Considered the negative implications of the project as well as the positive and generated a wide range of interest from the community."

"Many routes of communication were used and the effectiveness of each review encourages wider ownership of the project."

"Worked to keep the Parish Council and the village community informed about what was happening.”

The Parish Council agrees with the judges’ decision and congratulates everyone who contributed to the Group’s success.


1. Terms of Reference for the Group  
2. Housing Needs Assesment  
3. Minutes of 26 May 2006  
4. First Work-in-Progress Report  
5. Minutes of Meeting July 5th 2006  
6. Second Work-in-Progress Report  
7. CHWG Minutes 6th September 2006  
8. Final CHWG Report  
10 Annex B:          Local Map of Possible Affordable Housing Sites  
11Annex C:         List of Key References  
12 Annex C1:       Land Trust References  
13 Letter from NNPC to South Hams District Council dated 12th December 2006