Newton and Noss Parish Council
in the South Hams of Devon
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Meetings, Agenda & Minutes






The Parish Council meet generally on the second and fourth Thursday of the month. The second Meeting is primarily to concentrate on planning matters. Please see the Council Calendar for the full schedule of Meetings. The venue alternates between the WIC hall and the Newton & Noss Village Hall.
Anyone with a hearing impairment or in need of assistance accessing the WIC Hall or Tilly Institute is invited to contact the Clerk to the Council before a Meeting so appropriate arrangements can be made.


Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014- a guide for the press and public on attending and reporting meetings of Local Government is available by clicking here.


Newton & Noss Parish Council's Protocol on the filming and recording of Parish Council Meetings can be viewed here.


Open Forum


Each Meeting starts with an Open Forum, a short and informal session set aside for parishioners to discuss their concerns with the Council. Anyone wishing to take advantage of this opportunity is invited to advise the Clerk, in advance if possible, please.


The Agenda


An Agenda is prepared approximately one week in advance of a Meeting and includes all the business to be considered. Although a topic can be discussed in general terms, a decision cannot be made unless the Council Members have received prior notice of that item, hence the need for a comprehensive and often lengthy Agenda.

A copy is displayed on two of the Parish Council notice boards at least three clear days prior to a Meeting (outside Luscombe Maye in Newton and The Tilly Institute in Noss).

The agenda for the next parish council meeting (11th October 2018) can be downloaded here when available.

The Annual Parish Meeting agenda (8th March 2018) can be downloaded here.


The Minutes


The unconfirmed Minutes of the most recent Meeting can be found here and can also be found on the two main notice boards.

Once confirmed by the Council and signed by the Chairman these minutes are included on the website and can be downloaded here (19th July).

The Minutes of past Meetings are listed in the Document Library.


Freedom of Information Act 2000

For more details of the information available from the Parish Council, please click here.

The Parish Council’s Role


For information about the Council’s local government role in the Parish, please click here.