Newton and Noss Parish Council
in the South Hams of Devon

Newton and Noss Parish

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Maxdene, Newton Hill



Householder application for extension and alterations

NNPC: No objection
The Linhay, Collaton Farm



Change of use of from business (holiday letting) to residential use

NNPC: No objection
1 Old Coastguard Cottages, Wembury



Construction of a new quay to improve access.

NNPC: Objection

1. Visual impact.

2. Impact on a Listed Building.

3. The Parish Council requests the South Hams District Council Conservation Officer views the site from the Yealm Steps, Yealm Road, Newton Ferrers. 

Land at SX 552 48, 1 Barnicott Bridgend Hill



Construction of new dwelling with associated vehicular access and landscaping.



NNPC: Objection




1. Access/traffic/highway safety; dual section of passing cars, steep access with sharp turn, visibility splays, water/ice run off from slope.


2. Ecology and landscape; damage to trees (the applicants’ planning agent agreed at least one would be lost in creating access), undermining of the hedge bank from inside and damage to established root system.


3. Privacy and overbearing.  Reference is made to the objections raised by Mr and Mrs Hinchliffe .


4. Light pollution; LED lights from the tennis courts have been an issue.


5. Outside the development boundary with no identifiable need in the Parish Housing Needs Survey.


6. Planning history

i) Appeal Ref APP/K1128/W/16/3155335 dated 3 February 2017 with particular reference to the Inspector’s comments  to the effect it would be undesirable to open this part of  Bridgend Hill to development  and the importance to preserve a green buffer zone between the developed area and the surrounding countryside.

ii)  37/1999/12/F-failure to comply with condition of tree planting. Planting was considered essential to maintain the visual amenity.


7. The proposals do not enhance the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty as stipulated under the National Planning Policy Framework.

Anchor Cottage, Riverside Road East



Householder application for replacement garden room.

NNPC: No objection

No objection provided the South Hams District Council Conservation Officer has no concerns regarding the proposed tree removal.

Cam cottage, 46 Yealm Road



Householder application for alteration and extension (revisions to consent 2923/16/HHO.)

NNPC: No objection


 No deliveries between 7am-9am given the amount of ongoing development along Yealm Road.

59 Yealm Road,



Replacement of existing dwelling with single dwelling

NNPC: Objection



RECOMMENDATIONS OF Newton & Noss Parish Council




Proposal; Replacement of existing dwelling with single dwelling


59 Yealm Road, Newton Ferrers


Parish Council Objection at meeting 12 October 2017




(1) Planning history/Related Decisions plus Heritage/Setting of Listed Buildings


This site has been the subject of two previous applications – both dismissed at Appeal.


The Dismissed Appeal Ref APP/K1128/W/3158491 dated 22 May 2017 contains

reasoning pertinent to objecting to this application and states:


Although not within the Conservation Area Boundary, paragraph 129 of NPPF requires consideration of the effects of development on the setting of heritage assets i.e,

(a)     Conservation Area

(b)     Other heritage assets (further information was sought from South Hams District Council.)


The Inspector considered Westerley, 59 Yealm Road to be a late Victorian villa with many of its original features, which due to its scale, siting and position is prominent in views from Noss Mayo. It is a good example of the late Victorian aesthetic and it plays a significant role in the locally distinctive character of the village.  


The Parish Council believes these comments rate the building as a non-designated heritage asset and it is listed as such in the Newton & Noss Neighbourhood Plan which is now prepared for acceptance to Regulation 15.


In supporting the above comments, objection also on:


(2) Visual impact – detrimental to both the views from Noss Mayo and the street scene of Court Road.  Emerging and evidenced Newton & Noss Neighbourhood Plan states Policy N3P 4 (a) ‘respects the architectural context of adjacent buildings’. 


The Inspector also commented (paragraph 13) that the siting of the proposed house would ‘reduce the generous spacing that currently exists either side of the house and that is characteristic of the established built form.  The same applies to these current plans.


Contrary to DP1 and DP6.


No deliveries between 7am-9am, given the amount of ongoing development along Yealm Road.



Solar PV Array at Newton Downs Farm



Application for non material amendment following grant of planning consent 37/1426/15/F to change the height of solar arrays.


Not consulted

SHDC: Granted
Steps Cottage, Lower Court Road



Replacement of existing bungalow with two new houses.

NNPC: Objection


Newton & Noss Parish Council objects to the application on the following grounds;


1. One of the new dwellings proposed will be built right on the boundary of Ancient Woodland.



“Development must be kept as far as possible from ancient woodland, with a buffer area maintained between the ancient woodland and any development boundary. An appropriate buffer area will depend on the local circumstances and the type of development. In a planning case in West Sussex the Secretary of State supported the arguments for a 15 metre buffer around the affected ancient woodland (i), but larger buffers may be required.”


     In a planning case concerning an ancient woodland in West Sussex, Four Acre Wood, a minimum 15m buffer was recommended by the Inspector and endorsed by the Secretary of State. Asquith, P. J. (2007) Report on Appeals by Crest Nicholson (South) Limited Relating to Bolnore Village Phases 4 And 5, Haywards Heath, West Sussex. The Planning Inspectorate, Bristol. Appeal refs: APP/D3830/A/05/1195897-98 & APP/D3830/A/06/1198282-83.


2. The proposals lie outside the Village Development Boundary and as proposed in the emerging Newton & Noss Neighbourhood Plan.

The Penthouse, 89 Yealm Road



Householder application for extension to existing rear balcony.

NNPC: Objection



The extension will overlook the neighbouring property at 87 Yealm Road.

The Parish Council would prefer the proposals be amended to take into account the neighbour’s suggestions.

The public footpath must remain open at all times.

No deliveries between 7am-9am given the amount of ongoing development along Yealm Road.


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