Newton and Noss Parish Council
in the South Hams of Devon

Newton and Noss Parish

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8 Archers Court


Householder application for a proposed dormer window to the bedroom.

NNPC: No objection
SHDC: Granted
Menryn, Court Wood


Work to Tree Preservation Order trees.

T1: Oak - Pollard to 2 metres from ground level, bank underneath roots slipped away, high risk of being uprooted, trunk resting on nearby beech tree.

NNPC: No objection
SHDC: Granted
Point Cottage road to Passage House



 Retrospective householder application for alterations to window and roof light details

NNPC: Objection



1.      Out of keeping.

2.      Affects the setting of Pope’s Quay.

3.      The Parish Council does not believe retrospective planning applications to be the correct way forward, particularly when SHDC Planning Enforcement was advised, prior to the windows being installed, that planning consent was not being complied with.

SHDC: Granted
Waters Edge, Bridgend



 Application for replacement of Waters Edge with new dwelling (on site of existing outbuilding), refurbishment of Hillside Cottage and erection of new dwelling (on site of existing outbuilding)

NNPC: Objection

Recommendations of Newton & Noss Parish Council


Waters Edge, Bridgend 3302/17/FUL


 N3P = Newton and Noss Neighbourhood Plan with South Hams District Council and evidenced at Regulation 16)


Parish Council Objection


1. The site is outside the Development Boundary – CS1, N3P-1


2. The site affects/faces Listed Buildings – NPPF Paras 132 and 134, CS9, N3P-1, N3P-8


3. The development contributes to ribbon development stretching all round the head of Newton Creek from the Green House to The Maltings and will cause damage to the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) – NPPF Paras 17, 53 and 115, CS7, N3P-9


4. Access - the site entrance for 3 properties is from the single-track road between Newton Ferrers and Bridgend (Noss – CS8, N3P-1, N3P-5)


5. The requirement does not relate to policy regarding flood protection and climate change – NPPF Para 100, CS11


6. The requirement does not relate to policy regarding carbon emission – NPPF Para 17, SO23


7. The development will damage an iconic spot within the AONB – NPPF Para 15, CS9. (Great weight should be given to conserving landscape and scenic beauty in AONB/conserve and enhance the landscape character)


8. Does not contribute towards the affordable housing requirement – NPPF Para 47, SO2, CS6


9. Does not promote mixed use, mixed type, mixed tenure housing – SO4


10. Only partly uses previously developed land and existing buildings – SO7


11. Undermines the recreational use and enjoyment of the area – SO21


12. Does not respect the semi-rural aspect of this location – SO22, CS7


13. Does not meet the economic or social requirements of community sustainability – NPPF Para 7, 17 and Housing Need Survey


14. Proposes the use of an existing garden for development – NPPF Para 53


15. Damage to the Waterfront – N3P-2


16. Identified as an important view – N3P – 9.  Also important glimpsed view of the estuary descending Bridgend Hill and passing the Old Quay, Noss Mayo.



1 Old Coastguard Cottages, Wembury



READVERTISEMENT (revised plans received.)

Construction of a new quay to improve access.

NNPC: Objection


1.      Visual impact.

2.      Impact on a Listed Building.

3.      The Parish Council requests the involvement of the Listed Buildings planning officer and that he/she views the site from the Yealm Steps, Newton Ferrers.

7 Yealm Road


Householder application for erection of a balcony at rear to replace previously approved Juliet balcony

NNPC: No objection
SHDC: Granted
Curlews (Formerly Durlston) Stoke Road



Householder application for extension of existing dwelling by addition of second floor and room on the roof, creation of new balcony and terrace to front of property, creation of new parking area and steps access to property

NNPC: No objection
SHDC: Granted
17 Court Road
3539/17/HHO & 3540/17/LBC


 Householder application and Listed building consent for ground floor W/C extension to rear, part removal of two internal partitions and handing of second floor access stair.

NNPC: No objection


No objection subject to approval by the Listed Buildings planning officer.

SHDC: Granted
Treetops, 10 Yealm View Road



Householder application for construction of boat store with garden room over.

NNPC: Objection


(N3P = Newton & Noss Neighbourhood Plan with South Hams District Council  and evidenced at Regulation 16)

 Parish Council Objection

1) Over development and Visual Impact.  The development is over sized and will cause damage to the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – NPPF Paras 17, 53 and 115, CS7, N3P-9


2) Protecting the Waterfront (development shall not materially detract from the natural appearance as viewed from the river …..) – N3P-2


3) Tourism Impact - undermines the recreational use and enjoyment of the estuary – SO21

SHDC: Granted
Yealm Hotel 104 Yealm Road



READVERTISEMENT Application for amendment to application description to enable demolition and reconstruction (rather than conversion) of annex building to facilitate the approved change of use to 4 residential apartments, and variation of condition 2 following grant of planning consent 0607/17/FUL

NNPC: No objection
SHDC: Granted
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